How it Works


Multi-country project posting
Hit multiple target with one bullet

No need to write similar emails to multiple suppliers in multiple countries.
Just fill and post the project form and MyMRPlace will send notifications to all the matching suppliers within the website.
If you have a favorite supplier, you can reach out to them as well, right through myMRPlace website. Just specify their email address while filling their form.

Comparable Quotes
Compare Apples to apples

By standardizing the format and highlighting the changes, we keep quotes comparable for you to have an easy decision making process.
Suppliers have the ability to specify assumptions around costs as well as projects. Everything remains well documented for all future references.

Query Display
No need to repeat your answers for supplier queries

Research supplier might have a question or two before they submit the quote. A lot of these queries are similar.
When you reply to a Query, it automatically becomes a part of project description that will be seen by all bidding suppliers. This will save both time and effort.

Itemized and Standardized Cost
Customizable for each project

Specify the services you need from vendor. Either from the popular list or write down your own description.
All the suppliers bid on the basis the service description.

My Suppliers
Keep your Suppliers Organized

When you invite a Supplier, it automatically gets added to your my Suppliers list.
With my Suppliers list, you can manage all your supplier relations from one place.

Cost Options
Not sure about sample size or study budget?

Sometimes you want to check on multiple options to understand what fits in well within your or your client’s budget.
You can have cost options for different sample size, different Interview length and even for different methodologies.

Highlighted Cost changes
Keep a tab on your negotiations

The Supplier has the ability to modify their cost if the requirement changes. Each change in the cost is highlighted for easy reference.

Important/Screening Questions
Cut the chase

Need supplier feedback on project specifications? Or got ‘Mission Critical’ questions? Ask all your crucial questions along with posting the project. Suppliers can not submit their quote without answering these questions.
You will see all the answers stacked along with supplier details in quote comparison. Nice and Easy.

Notifications and Reminders
Remain updated with all your project activities

We will send you reminders and notifications for all important activities like quote submission, project queries etc.
You can remain on top of your project management without sweating too much.

Focused mailbox
Arrange your communication automatically

We sort all communications between you and supplier by project, by country automatically. For both pre and post project commissioning.
All the message notifications are delivered to your mailbox so you never miss a single message.

Broadcast Message
Reach out to multiple Suppliers simultaneously by sending just one message

Broadcast message will allow you to send the message to various suppliers for that country or all the suppliers for that project.
This will save effort in reaching out to multiple suppliers for same requirements during cost negotiations as well as project management


Project enquiry notifications
Grow your business

myMRPlace delivers business opportunity right in your mailbox .
If you are registered and your skills match, you will receive a notification. You will not miss out on any project opportunity with myMRPlace.

Benefit from other's curiosity

You can ask queries as a Supplier and also see queries and answers posted by other suppliers.
You don’t have to waste time in asking questions which its already been asked and answered, again saving time and effort.

Status Update
Stop living in the Dark

For each project you participate in, we follow up with the client and update the project statuses.
We also share details around no. of quotes, the highest quote and the lowest quote as well as reasons for selection/rejection if provided by the client.

Itemized cost
Give your quote in 10 minutes not 60.

Participating in project is made super easier with myMRPlace website. It takes less than 10 minutes to give a quote.
No need to make those elaborate presentations, word documents and excel sheets.