About us

Our purpose:

Consumer Intimacy has no option. Behind every great business and decision is the power of their insight. Market research is all about people. Good professionals execute great quality projects and great quality projects lead to powerful insights.

We exist to improvise the quality of working for 1 million research professionals and 30000+ research agencies so that they can focus on creating powerful insights.

We like to connect the need of research buyers with those who can glean the most powerful insights. We do this through creating an open market access, using our collective intelligence and experience to create the most efficient process of find the Ideal Supplier and work with them. We believe that most meritorious talent, agency or supplier can and should be connected with genuine clients.

Who we are?

myMRPlace is creating the First Fully Integrated Global Market Research Service Platform to meet the need for consumer insights. For buyers of MR, this mean a transparent Marketplace to learn and explore supplier to choose the ideal one for their needs, and for the agencies, it means more clients and business.

What do we do?

myMRPlace’s Integrated Global Market Research Service Platform finds the best match of talent or agency for buyer’s needs. It achieves this by facilitating research transactions through intelligent match making between client requirements and supplier capabilities.

The end result is thclients to serve bringing in more and more opportunities. As it is an open access marketplace, the supplier provides their best information, vetted by us, creating a high quality and yet competitive marketplace. We aim to become a one stop solution in connecting buyers with the best possible researchers and agencies for their research needs.

Our aim is to use technology to create research ecosystem and provide comprehensive market research project management service experience


An ecosystem where its easier to fjnd unadulterated, accurate and actionable insights. A thriving research community.


myMRPlace is on a mission to revolutionize research with fair playground and thriving ecosystem for everyone

Our values
  1. Trust and Transparency: We aim to create a transparent information ecosystem, where trust is the primary currency.

  2. Fairness and integrity: Fairness is fundamental to all business transactions.

  3. Efficiency and convenience: Technology enablement can lead to higher efficiency and reduce wastage of efforts.

How it works
Qualitative Market Research
Qualitative Market Research