About us

Welcome to myMRPlace.

myMRPlace is an integrated market research service platform built with keeping market research Industry needs in mind. We aim to simplify market research outsourcing for buyers as well as suppliers.

myMRPlace facilitates research transactions through intelligent match making between client requirements and supplier capabilities. And in turn we help buyerssource better and at the same time we help suppliers get exposed to more business leads and opportunities.

We are professionals with 100+ years of combined experience in market research and technology. We strive to bring technology in various aspects of market research project management that will lead to convenience and efficiency in project execution.

We want to create a world where our clients get unadulterated, accurate and actionable insights. and our research Suppliers are well respected. A platform where every research question meets with an answer, where we value each other and work as a community and aim to unlock our collective intelligence to harness it for the overall good.

Our Supplier Philosophy:

Our supplier teams are our real strength and we like working with independent, boutique suppliers with strong work ethos and integrity. Someone who promise and deliver. Suppliers who are communicative and collaborative and understands the best practices of market research project management. Suppliers who are detail oriented, sincere and pro active to identify project risks and tackle it before the potential hurdles turn real.

Our buyer philosophy:

We love working with buyers who treat us and supplier teams as their Project Partners and not ‘Vendors’. Our buyers treat suppliers fairly and pay agreed payment at agreed time. Our buyers are pragmatic and understand the value of good suppliers as well as care about their business relationships.